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Introducing the Prodatanet Advantage

Our mission is to empower business agility by supporting our Partner Agents in maximizing their business investment.
We are not your typical techology vendor. We want to satisfy the real needs of your business and residential clients for reliable, energy efficient IT solutions - from hardware to software, bandwidth and related services
We offer disruptive Green Technology products that can save your customers money on their electricity bills
We are a systems integrator able to customize IT solutions for office and home use and bring new IT concepts from Consolidation or Multiple Applications deliver efficiency gains to clients
We are a marketing organization, offering sales, marketing and CRM programs to support our Partner Agents
We offer flexible payment programs with healthy margins to grow your business

We are a complete package.

Join our nation-wide network of solution providers. We are committed to taking you so much further than you can go in today’s competitive technology market.

Be the driving force in your business success.

Partner with the Right Company to Grow your Business

​Prodatanet ​Current Supplier
Disruptive / Leading Edge Products ​√
Unbeatable Wholesale Prices ​√
Online Payment Platform ​√
In-house Financing & Extended Warranty ​√
Marketing & Sales Support ​√
Internet Marketing / CRM ​√
New Bidding Opportunities ​√
Engineering, Design & Training Support ​√
Business Management Support ​√
Online Marketing Support ​√

Disruptive, leading edge products

A complete product catalog for small computer shops and technicians all the way to systems integrators:
Energy efficient Green Technology product lines that will save your customers money on their electricity bills
New product lines, from accessories to powerful hardware
The latest PCs to server lines
State-of-the-art surveillance and security systems
ISP bandwidth and telecommunication products
Specialty products for network security, management, forensics and regulatory compliance

 Gain access to an end-to-end range, including disruptive, Green Technology and high performance lines and customized solutions unavailable to small shops
 No need to stockpile inventory in-store. Order when needed to take advantage of our efficient distribution for on-time delivery

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Unbeatable Wholesale Prices

 Get the best wholesale prices for disruptive, superior quality, high performance products
Our pricing programs can deliver margins well above competitors’ on key product lines

 Enjoy a price advantage over competitors in your location to become a trusted, and preferred value-for-money supplier
 Build your business on healthy margins to take it to the next level

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Online Payment Platform

Accredited resellers and technicians can use our online payment platform which offers a variety of payment options:
Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard
Online payment: PayPal

How it works?
1. When shopping online, your customers use your Partner Agent code to credit your store when settling payment
2. Payment is made directly to our account
3. Sales commissions and fees for technical services rendered will also be remitted to our Partner Agents’ bank accounts at scheduled times in a month

 Online payment will empower you to expand servicing beyond customers who visit your shop and pay in cash. Process online orders outside your store hours
 Gain credibility by offering convenient payment options that are now standard in most stores
 Commissions paid directly to your bank account eliminates the need to handle cash on big ticket purchases, affording you greater personal security

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In-house Financing & Extended Warranty

 We can provide your customers with in-house financing, ranging from Zero Interest to low interest programs
Our extended product warranty is available at no extra cost

 Financing opportunities will make it easier to close sales when customers realize their monthly payments are offset by the savings in utilities from using our Green Technology products
 Our in-house financing eliminates the hassles your customers would face in arranging bank financing, which can often double the cost of an item
 Since the financing will not go against your customer’s credit line, this will make it easier for you to get repeat business
 The extended warranty and local servicing will help build your customers' trust in you as a supplier of quality products, which is key to becoming their preferred supplier

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Marketing & Sales Support

 Gain access to sales and marketing programs and best practices to take your business to the next level
Marketing support includes:
Email marketing materials
Sales support
Sales training
Product training

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Internet Marketing/CRM

Training in setting up, maintaining and using a database for customer relationship management (CRM) activities to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service and technical support
Training in using the database to engage your customers through our regular promotions

How it works?
1. Encode your customers’ details and purchases in the online Electronic Resource Planning system’s CRM module to keep track of their purchase history to refine targeting for future customer engagement.
2. The CRM tool will allow you to send regular promotional mailers, flyers, targeted email marketing and other communications to regularly engage your customers and drive purchase frequency
3. Customers’ personal data will be kept secure and confidential and linked at all times to your account to ensure you are credited for orders that result from our marketing efforts.

 We offer opportunities for our Partner Agents to become more professional marketers, skilled in traditional and internet marketing.
 The CRM tool will help unlock greater value from your customer base. The more you know your customer, the easier it will be to better target them with online marketing to drive purchase frequency.
 Our marketing support will help boost your image and credibility and put your store top-of-mind through regular and targeted customer engagement.

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New Bidding Opportunities

 As a systems integrator, we can open doors to large corporate or government accounts in your area that require complex systems configurations and integration
We can provide the credibility, financial stability, engineering support and other necessary resources and documentation as part of our highly experienced team to bid for large and complex enterprise IT orders

 You will be empowered to join corporate bidding previously out of reach of small shops due to a lack of basic bid requirements – scale, resources, engineering support, product sourcing and documentation (for eg. official receipts)
 Enjoy residual income corporate clients can generate for installation and maintenance

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Engineering, Design & Training Support

We provide continuing training and education for our product, configurations and systems integration, introducing you to  the latest technology and new IT  design configuration trends that are driving this business

 You can only succeed by enhancing your customer's potential. Our training and education programs will help you become the expert your customer deserves, especially on corporate accounts requiring complex and integrated  configurations
 Our training will help you upgrade your business to capitalize on emerging corporate growth opportunities and thus maximize your business investment

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Business Management Support

We can bring the cloud to you, offering a range of management support systems with ERP modules for CRM, Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Purchase, Inventory, etc
We can help with business training, planning and to identify and capitalize on growth opportunities in your area

 Using ERP modules will help you automate business processes to save on manpower costs, boost efficiency, maximize customer engagement and produce actionable data to drive business growth
 You will have more time to focus on growing your company and maximizing your business investment

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Online Marketing Support

Resellers and technicians will be listed on our online sales site, complete with contact details and store location as accredited partners
Listing in our Special Services section will be based on technicians' skills levels and shop locations
Partner Agents will also get their own hosted business website and domain and hosted email address

An online presence is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have in today's technological age
Enjoy the credibility of having a quality presence through our user friendly website and your own business website and email to regularly engage your customers in order to level up your business
A better market profile with website support will help attract new business and referral opportunities since customers today begin their purchase journey by researching online

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As a partner, you get a discount in every service provided by e-Netdata. This allows you to offer reduced prices to your customers and/or to benefit from a commission on every subscription you sell to your customers.