e-NetStor Mini Tower 100/200

  • Desktop mini tower for the smallest NAS footprint
  • Supports most file system protocols
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e-NetStor Cube 300

  • Cube case, metal finish for perfect heat dissipation
  • NAS package for convenient central storage
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e-NetStor 1U Mini 1000

  • Rack-mountable 1U case 
  • NAS package with full disk encryption & management functionality

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e-NetStor 1U Standard 2000

  • Offers corporate-level managed storage solution
  • Up to 16TB disk space in 1U chassis
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e-NetStor 1U Hot-swap 2500

  • 4*HDD hot-swappable 1U chassis 
  • Convenient data access, backup and simultaneous activity management
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e-NetStor  2U Compact 3000

  • Best cost/performance 
  • Up to 4 disk bays with high capacity for central storage & backup
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e-NetStor 2U Standard 9000

  • 7 disks mass storage in 2U chassis for best cost/performance solution
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e-NetStor Hot-swap 2/4/6

  • Selectable 2/4/6 hot-swappable disk mount for mass storage, redundancy
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