Save Big on Electricity

Cut electric bills by 80% with Green Technology


The Philippines has one of the highest electricity rates in Asia. Yet companies continue operating with power-guzzling, heat-emitting ATX PCs that consume 225W per unit and require heavy air-con use to keep the computers cool. 

As the maths will show, companies with large numbers of ATX workstations are squandering valuable capital on energy bills every day they open for business. Their overheads can only climb higher as electricity rates rise further.

Based on Meralco’s App Calculator, a typical office with 50 ATXs running 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, and 4 weeks a month will spend as much as P319,140 a year just on their workstations. Since Meralco’s Calculator is based on 2010 rates, an office’s IT power bill is likely a lot higher.

Then factor in the cost of using air-conditioning, lights, and other electrical and IT devices, including servers, commonly found in an office. It all adds up to a heavy burden for business owners.

The bottom line: Businesses must stop the financial bleeding by finding energy-efficient workstation solutions to power their office network without compromising computing power. Money saved from out-of-control utility bills can be ploughed back to grow the business.


Our Green Technology Mini ITX PC consumes only 30W of energy on the basic unit, rising to 80W to deliver more computing power, while our Servers consume about 80W.

Big on energy efficiency and low on heat emission, the Mini ITX is a high-performance and reliable workstation that does not require heavy air-conditioning to cool the units, which have been designed for better heat dissipation.

Equipped with Turbo Charge and other state-of-the-art technologies, our Mini ITX delivers stunning graphics, fast processor speeds, and humidity protection for greater durability even with heavy usage. 

Our energy-efficient PC and Server solutions are ideal for SMBs, enterprises, educational institutions, hotels, hospitals, and users with large computing needs that are under pressure from the continued escalation of their energy bills

e-Netdata Mini ITX PC vs Standard ATX PC

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e-Netdata Mini ITX PC

  • Energy-efficient at 50W
  • Saves up to 80% energy consumption. Low heat emission. No need for high AC to cool unit
  • Powerful CPU. Fast booting
  • Stunning graphics with built-in video card for presentations and gaming and entertainment for personal use
  • Customized to customer's needs
  • Compact space saver
  • Low maintenance
  • Attractive price

Standard ATX PC

  • Energy guzzler at 225W. Needs high AC to cool workstations
  • Slower booting
  • Need to add an energy-guzzling video card for graphics. Pricey add-on cost
  • Off-the-shell features whether customers want them or not
  • Larger unit. Needs more space
  • High maintenance
  • Higher price

Good for the environment and your business

The Mini ITX workstation is not only good for the environment. It's good for your business' bottom-line.
Meralco's App Calculator 
shows our Green Technology PCs delivering huge annual savings.


(Meralco uses 2019 rates for its App Calculator)

Calculation based on  10 hours  per day  7 days a week  4 weeks a month

Appliance​ No. of Units​ Cost per Day​ Cost per Month​ Cost per ​Year
​Std ATX 225W 1​ 50.22 1,506.6​ 18,079.2
​Mini ITX 50W 1 11.16 334.8 4,017.6





Save  P1,171.8 a month and  P14,061.6   a year

The savings add up. A typical office will have multiple ATX workstations in operation

Calculation based on  10 hours  per day 7  days  a week  4 weeks  a month

Appliance​ No. of Units Cost per Day​ Cost per Month​ Cost per ​Year
​Std ATX 225W 50 2,511 75,330 903,960
​Mini ITX 50W 50 558 16,740 200,880





Save  P58,590 a month  P703,080 a year

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Green Servers

With servers, a company can save money in two ways:     
•  Using energy-efficient servers with an actual power use of 80W compared to the standard 350W     
•  Using the latest technology to shift from outdated and inefficient multiple silo server arrangement to consolidating apps and operating systems on a single server


Calculation based on  24 hours  per day  7 days  a week  4 weeks a month

Appliance​ # Units​ Day​ Month​ ​Year
​STD server 750W
 Actual use 375W





e-Net Mini Server 200W
 Actual use 80W









Save  P1,975.5 a month P23,706   a year

A company with 50 workstations and multiple servers can save a little over P400,000 a year by shifting to Green Technology alternatives and consolidating apps and OS on one server.

​Appliance ​Prodatanet Office ​Traditional Office ​Annual Savings

50 PCs

Mini ITX / 50W
ATX / 225W



1 Consolidated / 80W
1 Silo Servers / 375W


Annual PC+ Server cost




Save  P726,786   a year

Are your energy bills making your business uncompetitive? 
1. How much are you spending on electricity each month?
2. Do you believe your electricity bill is too high?
3. Are you prepared for further increases in your electricity bill going forward?
4. How much of your electricity bill goes to pay for your workstations, server etc?
5. Would you like to cut your energy consumption?