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Low latency wireless connectivity


Business and residential users are struggling to realize the advantages of connectivity in the Philippines. The country suffers from gaps in coverage and from one of the slowest internet speeds in the region. But it is broadband rates are also one of the highest-priced in Asia.

For business and residential users, high latency rates and unwelcome downtimes respectively affect corporate productivity and quality of life. 

Slow bandwidth speeds also hamper small, home-based entrepreneurs that have been empowered by the internet bringing the world's consumers to their door from capitalizing on this advantage to grow their business. 


As an established Wireless ISP, we offer an extensive range of internet services and packages. We give residential and business users the flexibility to choose the program that best meets their needs and budget.

As a fully wireless operator, we are not hampered by bottlenecks. Our infrastructure does not easily become obsolete every few years. Our subscribers are also spared from lengthy installation periods when we do expand.

Our wireless internet is highly scalable and easily implemented without the need to run long lines of cable within a serviced location. This allows us to provide high performance and cost-effective wireless service that ranges from a few Mbps to tens of Mbps with a CIR of 1:1 even to under-served areas in the country.


Residential VoIP and High-Speed Internet Access

Business High-Speed Internet Access up to
100 Mbps

Municipal Networks

Back haul Multi-Mode Multi-Standard / WiFi / Mesh

Wireless Video Surveillance


Pre-paid Internet

Post-paid Internet

Business Plan

Our enhanced Business Plan offering low latency and 24x7 support is designed to promote corporate networking and agility to meet the hyper-competitive market demands of “Today’s Technological Age”.

We cater to corporate demands for fixed or volume bandwidth ( >100 Mbps) and offer additional flexibility with our innovative Corporate Bandwidth On-Demand Package. Subscribers can buy additional bandwidth as and when needed for uninterrupted connectivity during peak periods.

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