Sharpen Your Network Defenses

Act now to secure your business' future


As the backbone of business in “Today’s Technological Age”, the internet’s use as an office network or intranet puts business owners in a vulnerable position. Opportunities for deception, insider trading, spying, stealing and a variety of cybercrimes can be easily committed by electronic means without raising any suspicion.

At the same time, the nature of external security threats posed by hackers continues to evolve in techniques and avenues used to infiltrate targeted networks.

The business owner has no way of getting a handle on “what’s going on” under his nose. Even the implementation of advanced technologies such as Firewall, intrusion detection, access control, data encryption etc cannot completely provide the necessary evidence to protect businesses from theft, loss, and attacks.

Put simply, employees’ behavior on the network during office hours is largely invisible to the business owner. Which makes it difficult to evaluate employee productivity. Nor can business owners account for other potentially criminal activities on the office network from external threats when they have no idea what is happening on the network.

The loss of business integrity can have damaging consequences for businesses, more so today with the Philippines’ Cyber-Crime Prevention Act RA 10175 becoming law in 2012


The internet has opened the door to bigger opportunities as well as serious security threats and the potential for staff to abuse corporate networks.

As ever more catastrophic hacking instances show, efforts to protect a business’ integrity has lagged technically sophisticated cyber attacks that infiltrate networks in stages and lie inert for an unprotected moment to strike.

Hackers continue to evolve their methods of infiltrating business networks - hijacking sessions, using cross-site scripting and exploiting browser vulnerabilities to replace the traditional protocol-based attacks.

Today's hackers have designed computer viruses that can change with each new deployment by using encryption and dynamic code modification to avoid the signature-based traps that caught earlier generations. 

Internally, staff abuse of corporate networks presents another powerful challenge to protecting a business's integrity.

As the backbone of business operations today, the internet has also become a huge distraction in the workplace. Increasing amounts of time are spent by staff on personal emails, gaming, messaging and non-work related web surfing that not only congest networks but also provides a gateway in for viruses and hackers.

Office networks also make it easy for staff orchestrated security breaches – stolen company data can be sent by electronic means to avoid discovery. Without the benefit of multi-layered protection and forensic protocols, a business in “Today’s Technological Age” is simply gambling its future away.


Companies need to take charge of their networks and improve IT security if they are to secure the integrity of their business.

Our Network Performance & Forensic Analysis Services are tailored for organizations – from small-medium businesses to the banking and finance industry, government, forensics, and intelligence agencies, educational institutions, hospitals, travel, and hospitality companies and most major industries. 

By monitoring and gathering essential evidence on network use, the service can help users to better discover instances of compromise from both external and internal activity.

The Service will:

Pinpoint causes of network congestion problems

Detail the activity that occurs on a business network

Expose accidental or intentional security breaches

Monitor staff's internet use to help improve worker productivity

Protect the business, owners, staff, customers, and suppliers by complying with the Philippines' Cyber-Crime Prevention Act of 2012 RA 10175 

The service functions as a network protection system and management/HR tool combined. It provides network performance indexing, risk assessment, and forensic needs by intercepting internet traffic.

Internet traffic is indexed and archived to help produce raw and reconstructed data. This level of Network Forensics is necessary for companies to undertake Lawful Interception. Business owners are thus able to comply with the Philippines’ Cyber-Crime Law RA 10175, which places the burden of proof in legal proceedings on the network subscriber.

The service also allows businesses to monitor staff use of the company’s network to determine the amount of time wasted on non-work-related matters. The system thus offers businesses powerful protection with actual data for labor cases and in increasing employee productivity.

Our systems will enable companies to maintain the integrity of their business and ensure long-term growth prospects and financial stability are realized and not jeopardized


Commercially ready real-time Network Forensics and Lawful Interception total solution for small to medium business, enterprise, banking and finance, educational institutes, government departments, and many more industries

High performance, a low-cost platform used by forensics and intelligence agencies for internet traffic archiving, interception and auditing for performance indexing and forensics

Provides legal evidence in the form of archived, raw and reconstructed data for use in labor cases and criminal prosecution or civil suit under the Philippine Cyber-Crime Act of 2012, RA 10175

Improves overall productivity and IT security for the enterprise, while protecting business reputation and IP rights


Caches sensitive data leakage and source to prevent data loss

Monitors employees’ performance and archives employees correspondence in line with company policy and core values

Answers the who-what-when-why-where-how of network use

Secures data and record-keeping and retains client information to minimize sabotage by departing staff

Provides business owner with pertinent details on company operations